Hillary claims she is 'deluged' [with requests that she run for president]

It looks a lot as though Hillary Clinton is hoping for a deadlocked Democratic National Convention, and that Michelle Obama means it when she says that she's not interested in running for president.  Hillary would love to be begged to save her party from a split between the radicals and the less-radicals and take the stage in Milwaukee as the Democrats' nominee (again), this time visiting Wisconsin.

Simon Kent of Breitbart caught her appearance on the BBC's Graham Norton Show, where before a friendly host and wildly applauding studio audience she praised a women's soccer star who stepped aside to let younger talent take the field before doing a 180 and, when asked if she applies this to her own career, responded, "Not yet."

Within her grasp?
YouTube screen grab.

After applause and a follow-on question, she continued:

I especially have been deluged in the last few weeks with thinking about doing that and I am not, uhh… you know, planning that, but I'd have to make up mind really quickly because it's, moving very fast. But I do want to influence the debate. You know, I'm not leaving  the debate, you know, the political arena completely. I'm working really hard to, uh… you know, make it clear that we have to hold our current leadership accountable, so I'm on Twitter …. I'm out there all the time, uh, sort of pointing out the foolishness and craziness we are experiencing, so I'm not going anywhere, I just don't know what role I'm going to play.

It's obvious that Hillary doesn't want to put herself through the rigors of campaigning, quite possibly because her health isn't up to it.  But she emphatically isn't talking about spending more time with her grandchildren and taking up a hobby.

Maybe she understands that there are a lot of Democrats who resent the rabbit hole she has led them down with her claims of Russian interference leading to the Mueller investigation that whetted the demands for impeachment while simultaneously discrediting such efforts.  Now they are stuck with a choice between alienating their radical base by dropping impeachment and alienating the unaffiliated swing voters, who are likely to be turned off by what will come out in a Senate trial.

One of those Democrats is Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, who retraced Hillary's 2016 footsteps in Iowa and openly mocked her.  Compare (hat tip: Andrew Stiles):


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