Hilarious: Dems' fake 'solemnity' exposed as Pelosi silences applause about impeachment vote with her evil eye and hand gesture

It was an absolutely perfect crystallization of the phoniness of the Democrats' impeachment rhetoric when Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to silence the spontaneous applause that started to break out as she announced the results of the vote on the first article of impeachment of President Trump.  The speaker reportedly had instructed House Democrats to pretend they weren't thrilled with impeaching President Trump in order to maintain the illusion that they are a "prayerful" and solemn legislative body reluctantly carrying out their constitutional duty.

The reality that they are a deranged lynch mob, carrying out vengeance against the man who unexpectedly defeated their sure-thing candidate Hillary Clinton, is evident to anyone who heard the calls for impeachment that preceded Trump's inauguration and continued over the last three-plus years he has been in office.

The animal spirits started to erupt when she announced the results of the vote on the first article of impeachment last night.  A video of the priceless moment shows the context of this immortal combination of facial expression, Nona's evil eye, and hand gesture:

Grabien screen grab.

The repetitive, tedious all-day House floor debate on impeachment saw other indications of celebration, such as the laughter and applause that greeted this rhetoric from from Maxine Waters:

There were reports of Democrat reps taking selfies of each other on the floor, but of course the cameras covering the session did not show any of those.

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