For Tessa Majors, ever newer and more creative ways of blaming the victim

I'm starting to watch the reaction to this Tessa Majors murder case like a slo-mo car crash. I noted the other day that the New York Times was pretty obnoxious to the Barnard College (Columbia University) student who was murdered in a dangerous park outside Columbia campus, largely by trying to define the victim's entire life by her green hair and liking for punk rock, as if kids don't go through stages.  Kind of harsh to define someone that way at the grand sendoff... And far from being "worldly," as the Times quoted someone as saying, those kinds of things are childish, and yes, the victim was in fact very young and naïve.  Next up, the police union chief had to throw in that she had been in the park to buy marijuana.  Was that an absolute fact?  Not a nice thing to say if it wasn't.  And if it was, was this the time to bring it up?  Punk...(Read Full Post)
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