FL Gov. DeSantis shows how Republicans can target all demographic groups and never cave to the media

Ron DeSantis ran for Florida's governorship as a staunch Trump-supporter.  He is pro-business, pro-gun, for low taxes, and pro-life. The Miami Herald supported his Democrat opponent because the paper said that if Florida elected DeSantis, the state would get more of the same.  Heaven forbid that Florida continue to prosper. The media and other Democrats played the race card (as they always do) on DeSantis when he said Floridians shouldn't "monkey it up" by voting for Gillum.  Would the media have been kinder if DeSantis had used the term "f--- it up," which is what he obviously meant? We should all remember that the Miami Herald buried a story on Jeff Epstein for almost a decade while it supported putting the Clintons back in the White House.  DeSantis has been in office for almost a year, and he is governing as he ran.  He even signed a bill banning sanctuary cities and requiring...(Read Full Post)
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