Fake moderate Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger feels the heat from fed up, impeachment-weary constituents

The first signs of trouble ahead for newly elected so-called moderate representatives in swing districts are being felt here in Virginia's 7th District. Rep. Abigail Spanberger hopped on the moderate train in 2018, touting her CIA background ad nauseam to the people of the traditionally Republican 7th District.  With the help of millions of dollars from pro-abortion PACs and Soros-funded outfits, volunteers from Northern Virginia spread out over the western and southwestern suburbs of Richmond to give her a slim margin of victory over Republican Dave Brat.  But Spanberger's cover as an across-the-aisle moderate is not holding up well under the pressure of an impeachment hoax and a newly elected majority-Democrat Legislature. Up until this past weekend, Spanberger's numerous town halls have been generally peaceful Q&As.  That all changed during Sunday's gathering at a middle school gym in Spotsylvania...(Read Full Post)
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