DNC ad snubs Tulsi even as possibility of a third party run by her raises alarms

Tulsi Gabbard appears to be driving the Democrats even more nuts than they already are (and that’s really saying something).  On the one hand, fears are rising that she would undertake a third party run, as lefty Jonathan Chait writes: Tulsi Gabbard has been slowly edging toward leaving the Democratic Party and, it now seems more likely than not, launching a spoiler candidacy to peel disaffected left-wing votes away from the Democrats. Her “present” vote on impeachment, followed by a disavowal of what she called the “zero-sum mind-set the two political parties have trapped America in,” sets the stage for Gabbard to play the role of 2020’s Jill Stein. On the other hand, the DNC just snubbed her in a new ad:   With less than a year until November 3, 2020, we must come together now and work towards the common goal of defeating Donald Trump and sending a Democrat to the White House. Join us today:...(Read Full Post)
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