Democrats will bring about the end of the republic if they keep this up

I did not like Barack Hussein Obama.  He saw no reason to defend the interests of the country of which he was president.  His Iran deal was a threat to Western civilization.  His Fast and Furious policy cost one American life and hundreds of Mexican lives; that policy and its cover-up were criminal.  The DACA policy was illegal, as even he admitted before he implemented it.  The Supreme Court ruled that he exceeded his authority over a dozen times.  If he was white, he would have been impeached; the Republicans decided, for political reasons, not to go there.  Despite all that, he won two presidential elections.  He was entitled to be recognized as the president of the United States.  There was no "resistance" to him by Republicans beyond normal parliamentary procedures long recognized as appropriate and normal in the U.S. Congress.  I endured those painful eight years, and the...(Read Full Post)
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