Democrats sneak provision into defense bill to empower future presidents to amnesty millions of illegals

Democrats may be impeachment-focused, but elsewhere, they've not been idle.

According to Breitbart News:

The 2020 Pentagon spending bill contains a camouflaged provision allowing any U.S. president to amnesty millions of illegal immigrants — regardless of the shock to Americans’ wages, workplaces, and communities, says a former immigration judge.

“It takes a little bit of digging (or wading) to get to Title X, Subtitle H, section 1099C on page 1,061 of NDAA 2020, which is captioned ‘Parole in Place for Members of the Armed Forces,'” says Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies.

The critical language is hidden in the short section which apparently provides a modest immigration reward to foreign service members, saying:

(b) Sense Of Congress.—It is the sense of Congress that—

(1) parole in place reinforces family unity;

(2) disruption to servicemembers must be minimized, in order to faithfully execute their objectives;

(3) separation of military families must be prevented;

(6) Congress reaffirms parole in place authority for the Secretary of Homeland Security.

The last line will be cited as legal authority for a future President to offer the “parole in place” to as many migrants as he might wish to provide, said Andrew:

Assuming both I and the expert cited are reading this correctly, apparently, a Homeland Security secretary can issue a 'parole in place' now to just anyone, not merely illegals with at least one family member in military service.

If so, it was clever and sneaky on the Democrats' part. Illegal immigrants serving in the armed forces are among the most sympathetic of all illegal immigrants. Their numbers are very low, compared to DACA recipients, and even though there may be a few cases like these, in general, if anyone deserves amnesty, it's them, far more than the screaming DACA brats with their famous sense of entitlement and abnormally high arrests and criminal records. The illegals serving in the army and beyond are, well, serving. They're doing something to prove their loyalty to the country they've glommed onto. Unlike typical illegals, we don't see them waving the Mexican or Honduran flags and throwing out the middle finger. A lot of American citizens, quite rightly don't object to these individuals getting some kind of amnesty for their proven service.

The trouble starts, though, in that last line cited in the Breitbart report, which could be justification for a leftist president in the future to offer all illegals 'parole in place,' not just ones affiliated with the Defense department.

If this isn't an argument for voting like heck to get a new Congress in to repeal this little time bomb, what is? 

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