Democrats are talking to each other on impeachment

Today's the big impeachment day, and the Democrats are still yelling and piously intoning about its importance.  It's big.  It's rare.  It's "historic," as newsman David Muir was saying last night.

There's just one problem: the public is not paying attention.  Actually, it's bored as hell, and the evidence of it is everywhere.

It's as if they gave an impeachment and nobody came.

They're not talking about it in the streets, not even in far-left Berkeley.  They're not talking about it among the tech wokesters in Silicon Valley or beyond.  There are no bumper stickers; there are no lawn signs.  Not even the people who think they are winning are bothering to cheer.

A MoveOn protest held in San Diego to protest impeachment, or maybe the other way around, last night looked forced and weird on local news.  Only lefties respond to their own supposed victories by...protesting.

The Los Angeles Times just released its most read stories of the year a few minutes ago...and none of those stories even remotely touched on impeachment.  The Angelenos were focused on the shooting of rapper Nipsey Hustle, the university admissions scandal, the wildfires, and the homeless crisis on the streets instead of this big "historic" impeachment, as the nets say.  Impeachment didn't figure at all.

Scott Johnson at Power Line took a look at the day's most read stories at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and found the locals there interested in bear-on-the-loose stories, not impeachment.

The networks, with their wall-to-wall impeachment coverage, are collapsing in the ratings.  There's a superb analysis from Joe Concha at The Hill noting the downward spiral for that bunch here.

It's not as if national news doesn't interest people.  Concha noted that James Comey in his testimony to Congress drew some 30% more viewers than impeachment.  The Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh likely drew even more than that.  Everyone had something to say or watch with that.

Yet Democrats can't stop intoning gravely about it and promoting it.  They are, in effect, talking to each other because the public isn't interested.

There are plenty of reasons for that — starting with the fact that already know how the story will end — as another trip to the well of dull thuds, same as the left's dreams of impeachment on day one, the claims to electoral fraud, the Mueller investigation of Russia collusion, and now this can't-win maneuver in the House heading to the Senate, which has no intention of accommodating what's derisively now known as the Schiff show after impeachment spearheader Rep. Adam Schiff.

In contrast, President Trump is kind of exciting.  He's a natural showman and puts on a great campaign rally.  He startles the public by keeping his promises.  He's funny, and the voters like his "doesn't give a s---" attitude, according to a recent Axios focus group of Michigan swing voters.  He's got the overseas rogue actors on their back foot.  His tax cuts, deregulation, and constant standing up for the little guy have brought a stellar economy with employment figures like no one's seen in their lifetimes.  Black people, Latinos, the poor, the people with criminal records, the handicapped, women — across the board, everybody is gaining.

That, versus the Schiff show, is a no-brainer.  Not only does President Trump beat every Democrat going up against him in the upcoming election, but his strong negatives have dropped precipitously.

Democrats are talking only to each other at this point, and they can't seem to stop.  They're trying to sell a dead horse to the public, and even the lefty public isn't even paying attention. 

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter from public domain sources.

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