Dem billionaires Steyer and Bloomberg already have spent a combined $200 million in quest for presidency

Remember when the Democrats thought “money politics” was a bad thing? That moral certainty started to crumble when Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump by a factor of at least 2, and still went down to defeat. And while vilifying Wall Street makes for good progressive virtue-signaling, the Dems are now the party of plutocrats, buying with welfare and money transfers the support of an underclass kept angry and dependent by progressive policies that hamper job-creation and reward idleness and dependency. President Trump’s tax and regulations cuts have boosted job growth and income at the lower end of the market, imperiling this strategy, but that hasn’t stopped the billionaires lusting for power and still welcome in the party. Maya King of Politico writes: Together, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg have poured nearly $200 million into television and digital advertising alone, with the former New York mayor spending an unprecedented $120 million in the...(Read Full Post)
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