DeBlasio’s war on bail is recycling Jew haters to attack again

In the midst of a wave of attacks on Jews, the mayor of the city with the largest Jewish population in the world is freeing alleged attackers to attack again because of his progressive ideology . One of the latest fads among progressives is the release of criminal suspects on low bail or even no bail. The underlying premise is that people (in practice, racial minorities presumed to be victims) are frequently arrested unjustly, and so they ought to be set free until put on trial. New York’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio is one of the most enthusiastic adherents and has implemented so-called “bail reform” in New York City in advance of the implementation of a New York State law mandating easy release of criminal suspects. As a result, Jew-haters are being released from custody after arrest on accusations of violent attacks on Jews.  Because dBlasio insists on it. Those who are obsessed, are then free to target other victims, in a matter of two days in the most recent...(Read Full Post)
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