De Niro bags it

In an hour-long Podcast, Rumble with Michael Moore, two-time Academy Award–winner Robert De Niro said: "I'd like to see a bag of s--- right in his [President Trump's] face like that, and let the picture go all over the world, and that would be the most humiliating thing." 

Interestingly, no Democrat has yet seen fit to call out De Niro on this.  Nor has any of the NeverTrump conservatives who tut-tut about Trump's supposed crudeness in his tweets.  Silence is a form of consent, and no doubt many of them would like to see De Niro's wish fulfilled. 

This brings us to another point.  De Niro evidently does not have the mental strength to separate Robert De Niro the actor from the thuggish characters he plays in the movies.  The 76-year-old actor thinks he's some sort of a combination of boxer Jake LaMotta (Raging Bull), gangster Jimmy Conway (Goodfellas), and Al Capone (The Untouchables).  Like Lazy Joe Biden, De Niro actually imagines himself to be a tough guy.  One has to wonder how long that delusion would hold up if De Niro had to confront someone without his bodyguards, lawyers, accountants, and public relations people on call.  

Most relevant is perhaps this.  Doesn't De Niro realize that he's begging to be treated in the same manner as he calls for the president to be?  He is more likely to have pictures of him with poo thrown in his face sent around the world than is Donald Trump.  If so, one has to wonder what kind of Academy Award–level performance De Niro would give then.

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