Cook County Christmas shopping, Kim Foxx style

When state's attorney Kim Foxx announced no prosecution for shoplifting under a thousand dollars, the results were fully predictable.  Chicago and Cook County, Illinois are leading the headlong American rush toward lawlessness and the loss of civil order.  The election of Kim Foxx as Cook County state's attorney, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in backing by George Soros, has been a further disaster — with not just the scandalously lenient treatment of Jussie Smollett after convulsing Chicago and the entire country with a fake hate crime caper, but the virtual abolition of laws against felony shoplifting under one thousand dollars:

A month into her term, Foxx announced her office would stop prosecuting shoplifting as a felony if the stolen goods were worth less than $1,000, a threshold three times higher than under the current state law.

The results are absolutely predictable:

YouTube screen grab. this video demonstrates:

The great Chicago crime-tracking website CWBChicago found the video on Facebook and posted it to YouTube:

Video posted to Facebook this weekend shows four adult shoplifters casually strolling out of a Lincoln Park store with as many coats as each one can carry. Meanwhile, a stunned store worker trails behind, seemingly helpless to do anything about it.

Marshall's "just got they dumb ass got" Facebook user Binky GZ wrote in her Dec. 13 post. "They walked out this bitch with hella coats."

No doubt about that.

Video is rolling as the men walk past the check-out lines one-by-one with piles of winterwear.

The second thief has so many coats in his arms, he can barely see over the top of the stack as he walks.

But the third man has more style, preferring to keep his haul of about 10 coats neatly arranged on their hangers as he hot-foots it toward the door.

YouTube screen grab via CWBChicago.

We hear a lot of projections of doom for brick-and-mortar retailers owing to Amazon and other online retailers stealing their customers.  But the growth of toleration for theft below a cutoff level (the state of California similarly exempts theft just below a thousand dollars from prosecution) is hastening the disappearance of stores.

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