Christmas in New York tells us a lot about America in the 21st century

A trip to New York City in the days right before Christmas 2019 wound up being an unexpectedly revelatory experience. Every December, the area of Midtown Manhattan around the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and the dazzling decorated store fronts on Fifth Avenue draw hundreds of thousands of visitors from every state in the nation, scores of foreign countries, and cities and towns that make up the metropolitan NYC area itself. This year 2019 was no exception. But as one who grew up in the NYC metro area and who has visited numerous times during Christmas seasons since then, I was not quite prepared for what I saw and experienced this year during my first holiday stay in the city in seven years. First, taking note of what might be some positive signs: Massive construction of new high-rise buildings was in evidence everywhere in central and downtown Manhattan. Several buildings just south of Central Park, for example, still under construction, are already so tall that...(Read Full Post)
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