Busts signal that Chicoms have quite a labor-trafficking racket in the States

Breitbart News, citing an NBC investigative report, reported that Chinese students have some very easy ways of staying in the U.S. after they get their studies behind them

Numerous U.S.-based companies that got Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permits for Chinese graduates have quietly closed their doors following an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) crackdown and media investigations, according to a report by NBC Bay Area.

"NBC's efforts to contact officers at 14 suspicious companies [who got many OPT work permits] were met with a series of dead-end business addresses and disconnected phone numbers, " said the NBC Bay Area report. The report continued:

Emails, phone calls, and social media messages went unanswered by all but two companies. In those two instances, an officer reached by phone verified their identity but declined to discuss their company. Those 14 companies employed more than 5,500 foreign students through the OPT program in 2017, according to ICE records.

The OPT program allows 300,000 foreign graduates to get work permits lasting one to three years if they pay tuition to U.S. universities. The matching Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program gives 100,000 work permits to students each year. These two huge programs offer work permits to 400,000 foreigners each year, even as 800,000 Americans graduate from four-year colleges with skilled degrees.

The OPT and CPT programs are just two of the many visa programs that keep roughly 1.5 million college-trained visa workers in U.S. jobs needed by American graduates. The other programs include the H-1B, L-1, J-1, and TN visa-worker programs.

It's a long and interesting report, describing how the universities have an incentive to sign off on these phony employment visas, based on the foreign students paying full tuition while in college, and how the employers themselves, when they are real (and not all are), are incentivized to hire foreign workers over American ones based on the DACA-like tax breaks, which mean no forced Medicare or Social Security taxes for these foreign workers.  Have a choice between hiring an American kid with a STEM degree and a Social Security ball-and-chain tax around his leg or a Chicom, tax-free — which one would you pick?  Plus, there are the fake shell companies who have that weird aim of keeping Chinese students in the States well beyond their graduation date.

But there's also an undiscussed issue within both the NBC and Breitbart reports: the ease with which the Chicoms can get their men into some of America's most technologically advanced companies and quite possibly government-linked outfits.

Chicoms, you notice, never bother to waste money on stupid womyn's studies degrees for their students.  They pay for engineering, computer science, and hard science degrees, just perfect for advancing the knowledge base back home and contributing to the nation's military buildup.  When the Chicom government pays for the education, the students have obligations to help the state, because Chicoms give nothing away for free.  Even Chinese private-sector payers, who must be linked to government via crony capitalist setups — it's the only way to get money at all — are easily pressured to have their kids help the state, and if that doesn't work, the Chicoms can pressure the kids, having a convenient base of hostages back home.

And sure enough, we are seeing a heckuva lot of Chicom spying cases directed at the U.S. state and its allies such as Australia.  We're seeing shell companies, perverse incentives, and Chicoms bothering our Navy and their neighbors on the high seas as they seek to project power.

It's a textbook case for shutting the whole visa program down.  Too many abuses, too many national security holes, and nobody benefiting from this but the increasingly power-mad Chicoms.

In place of the OPT program, a surtax on hiring foreign students from hostile countries ought to be in the works.  It's pretty obvious there's something wrong with this picture.

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