Bring it on! Trump and California Governor Newsom battle over California’s homeless crisis

California is now a national laughingstock. It’s a one-party state government, totally dominated by Democrats, that has so badly bungled its treatment of homelessness (not to mention its stratospheric taxes) that its major cities are becoming unlivable, notorious for sidewalks covered in excrement, open drug use by people swarming over parks, sidewalks and spare plots of land under freeway overpasses, and taxpayers fleeing. A huge portion of Californians are actively considering leaving (one in four of the total population; 82% of 18 to 19 year olds), as poignant an index of government failure as can be imagined, short of anarchy or genocide.

Gavin Newsom, the governor, once was considered a potential future president, despite his despicable personal history (having seduced the wife of one of his best friends), but the crisis on his watch is making that a pipedream now. So what does he do? You probably already have guessed the of course, he blames Trump! Leah Barkoukis reports:

 The Office of California Gov. Gavin Newsom touted its efforts in combating the homeless crisis in the state and took shots at the Trump administration even as federal data shows it is responsible for the uptick in the U.S.'s overall homeless population. 



This is utterly pathetic, embodying the progressives’ view that you measure effectiveness by the amount of money thrown at a problem.

Newsom has even blamed President Trump for California’s problem:



But yesterday, Newsom was responding to criticism from President Trump:

The pushback comes after President Trump criticized California on Wednesday over its failure to address the homeless problem and threatened that the federal government would have to step in if the state couldn't fix the situation. 

As Monica Showalter reported on these pages, California is the “skunk at the garden party” of the nation’s efforts to combat homelessness. While the total number of homeless has declined in the 49 other states, California’s rise in homelessness has overwhelmed the progress everywhere else and resulted in the nation’s total homelessness increasing.     

Newsom can’t win this argument. The misplaced “compassion” that subsidizes people who forsake personal responsibility for providing themselves, and choose to avoid the trouble of working, seduces people into this self-destructive lifestyle that imposes major costs on others.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped)

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