Bloomberg is confused as to which president works for the people and which party wants a powerful government

Michael Bloomberg used to be against impeachment, but now he says he is for it because Trump is working for himself instead of for the public.  It appears that Bloomberg is confused because it is Trump who is working as fast as he can to transfer the power, purse, and freedom to the public.  He is the opposite of a dictator.  Every Democrat running, on the other hand, is seeking to transfer as much power and money to the government as fast as they can and make as many people as they can dependent on government. For three years, the media and other Democrats have been seeking impeachment with constantly changing made up causes and stories. For three years, the media, including Bloomberg News, have been intentionally misleading the public into believing that Trump policies will soon cause an economic recession or collapse as they campaign to put Democrats back in power.  They need a weak economy to win and they would rather have a weak...(Read Full Post)
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