Bloomberg is confused as to which president works for the people and which party wants a powerful government

Michael Bloomberg used to be against impeachment, but now he says he is for it because Trump is working for himself instead of for the public.  It appears that Bloomberg is confused because it is Trump who is working as fast as he can to transfer the power, purse, and freedom to the public.  He is the opposite of a dictator.  Every Democrat running, on the other hand, is seeking to transfer as much power and money to the government as fast as they can and make as many people as they can dependent on government.

For three years, the media and other Democrats have been seeking impeachment with constantly changing made up causes and stories.

For three years, the media, including Bloomberg News, have been intentionally misleading the public into believing that Trump policies will soon cause an economic recession or collapse as they campaign to put Democrats back in power.  They need a weak economy to win and they would rather have a weak economy than giving people the opportunity to move up the economic ladder.

Do these statistics indicate a president working for himself or for the people?

  • Unemployment Rate: 2016, 4.7%.  Today, 3.5%, a 50-year low.
  • Unemployment Rate, women: 2016, 4.3%.  Today, 3.2% — 3.1% is record low this year.
  • Unemployment Rate, blacks: 2016, 7.9%.  Today, 5.5%.  Record low, 5.4%, October.
  • Unemployment Rate, Hispanics: 2016, 5.9%.  Today, 4.2%.  Record low, 3.9%, September.
  • Unemployment Rate, less than high school: 2016, 7.6%.  Today, 5.3%.  Record low, 4.8%, September.
  • U-6 Unemployment Rate: 2016, 9.2%.  Today, 6.9% — a record low.
  • Median income and wages are rising faster than any time during Obama's years, especially for those at the bottom of the scale.

Trump has brought U.S. oil production to record highs, which keeps inflation low and helps almost 100% of the public and especially helps the poor and middle class.  It also makes the U.S less dependent on Russia and the Middle East.  Does anyone really think Putin likes Trump's energy policies?  Or would he prefer Democrat policies, which are based on the U.S. stopping production of fossil fuels?

Trump donates his government salary, and according to Bloomberg News, his net worth continues to drop since he took office.  Does that indicate someone using the presidency to help himself or to help the rest of us?  Shouldn't Bloomberg be impressed that Trump's policies of lower taxes and fewer regulations have led the U.S economy to do better than the rest of the world instead of ripping him?

President Obama:

  • Intentionally violated bankruptcy laws to reward political supporters in the GM bailout.
  • Refused to give promised missile shields to the Czech Republic and Poland to appease Russia.
  • Lied continuously in order to take away freedom of choice from the public on health care.
  • Used the IRS to shut up political opponents.
  • Illegally stole money, without going through Congress, when Obamacare came up short.
  • Dictatorially changed immigration laws and refused to enforce existing immigration laws.
  • Had slush funds at Justice, CFPB, and EPA, which were used for political purposes and to reward political supporters.
  • Refused to give Ukraine weapons to defend itself in order to appease Russia.
  • Illegally spied on thousands of Americans.
  • Illegally spied on the Trump campaign and protected Hillary from prosecution to rig the 2016 election.

Yet most of the media, Schiff, Pelosi, professors, diplomats, bureaucrats, Bloomberg, Hollywood, and other Democrats never said a word about the Constitution, rigging of elections, abuse of power, being a puppet of Putin, usurping Congress's power, or obstruction of justice.  Nope, they supported Obama and still do.  They support Biden, no matter how corrupt and scandalous the Obama/Biden administration was.

They don't care how the Clintons, Bidens, and Obamas used their power to enrich themselves.  Was the $50-million payment to the Obamas by Netflix a kickback for net neutrality?

Isn't it strange that Obama, who says the oceans are rising rapidly, paid around $12 million for an oceanfront property on Martha's Vineyard?  They don't really believe it.  They just want government control of our lives.

This should be a big story, but it isn't because it involves the Clintons.  The Clintons have always enriched themselves and their campaigns with foreign money, but the media will gladly cover it up, just as they did the Epstein and Weinstein stories and how they covered up the stories on all the women the Clintons physically and mentally abused.  The media would support the corrupt, deplorable, criminal Hillary if she were the Democrat candidate today.

Alleged Pedophile And Mueller Witness George Nader Accused Of Funneling Millions To Support Clinton Campaign

George Nader, a key witness in the special counsel's investigation who has been indicted on child sex crime charges, helped funnel millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton's campaign and pro-Clinton political action committees, prosecutors in Washington, D.C. allege in an indictment unsealed this week.

According to the indictment, Nader referred to Clinton as the "Big Lady" in text messages with a foreign government official. He also bragged to his foreign contact about meeting with both Hillary and Bill Clinton during the campaign.

If someone wants to see abuse of power, it is when Bloomberg wanted three terms, so the New York City Council just changed the rules. It would be like advocating getting rid of the term limits of the President, getting rid of the Electoral College, stacking the Supreme Court, weakening the second amendment and weakening the first amendment.

A party that wants to get rid of the electoral college should stop pretending they care about minority rights.

There are no moderates or centrists running on the Democrat side, including Bloomberg who even wants to tell you what kind of sodas to drink.

The greatest existential threat to the public's freedom, prosperity and free and fair elections are all the journalists repeating Democrat talking points and policies in order to elect Democrats and destroy Republicans, instead of doing their job and reporting factual news.

Photo credit: Chad J. McNeely.

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