Another lie: Elizabeth Warren called out by her own brother for claiming their dad was 'a janitor'

What is it with Elizabeth Warren and her propensity to lie about her past? She's been caught in another one, this time a fakeroo so bad her brother called her out on it.  According to Mediaite: Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren apparently angered her brother by claiming their father worked as a “janitor,” with a family friend saying that the characterization made David Herring “furious.” Because 'janitor' sounds so much more poor and bottom-of-the-economic ladder than 'maintenance man,' doesn't it? Lots of kids like to brag that their dad has a job that is more important than it really is, but it takes a charlatan like Warren to grubby up her family members for the purposes of advancing her own political prospects. Here's some of the passage from the Boston Globe report that Mediaite spotted: According to a family...(Read Full Post)
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