After impeachment, just think of the new states Trump can take in 2020

Well, they did it, and they're so proud of themselves.  For three years, the Democrats have promised us that the 2016 election would not stand.  They tried to subvert the Electoral College three Decembers ago; they tried to prevent the orderly transition of government three Januaries ago; and they began their coup to impeach and remove the president three Februaries ago.

From the network anchors to the mindless celebrity primal screams, these people sure put the vanity in vainglory.  Once again, the Democrats prove how much they detest democratic elections.  I think there's only one proper response: we'll simply have to re-enact the revolutionary moment of four Novembers ago.  But this time, let's leave nothing on the table.  

"Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Maine."  That's our rallying cry.  We can take them all and prove the steeliness of our resolve.  We can take them all and impeach the impeachers.  When Donald Trump busted through the Blue Wall in 2016 and won Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, he nearly colored over the whole map by turning NNMMNHM red right with them.  Why tear down just one Blue Wall when we can destroy their whole house?  The Great Awakening of freedom-minded people is upon us, and the idea of true liberation from socialism is becoming contagious.  

Let's remember how close we were in 2016.

In Nevada, we lost by 27,202 votes, while 37,384 voters chose Gary Johnson; 28,863 voters left their ballots blank or wrote in names; and another 7,820 voted for minor candidates.  In New Mexico, we lost by 65,567 votes while 74,541 voters chose Johnson; 5,825 chose Evan McMullin; and 13,052 chose someone else.  In Minnesota, we lost by 44,593 votes while 112,984 chose Johnson; 53,083 chose McMullin; and an astounding 88,109 voted for a write-in or other candidate.  In New Hampshire, we lost by a mere 2,736 votes while 30,777 chose Johnson, and 19,203 chose to write in a name or select smaller parties.  And in Maine, we lost by 22,142 while Johnson took 38,105; and McMullin, Jill Stein, and other candidates grabbed 16,494.  In fact, the race in Maine was so close that President Trump actually managed to pick up one of the state's four electoral votes by outright winning the 2nd Congressional District, becoming the first Republican to do so since '88.  Small moves toward President Trump in these five states will give us what we need.

In 2016, Donald Trump was a relatively unknown quantity.  Since that time, an awful lot has happened.  He has placed two justices on the Supreme Court; flipped the 2nd, 3rd, and 11th Circuits toward "abiding constitutionalists"; added over 180 Article III judges, and placed nearly 30% of all Appellate Court judges on the bench.  He's managed to avoid unnecessary foreign wars while working to limit our commitments in the Middle East and making us energy independent for the first time since WWII.  This is a phenomenal achievement that has reset the geopolitical balance of power, and the national media do everything to ignore its strategic importance.  For the first time in over seventy years, our adversaries are not using oil as leverage against us; we are using oil as leverage against them.  Over six and a half million new jobs have been created, including a whopping 400,000 in manufacturing alone.  Median household income has reached the highest level recorded.  We never saw that extra $2,500 promised by President Obama when he forced Obamacare upon us, but President Trump has pushed median income a staggering $4,500 higher in only three years.  Over six million Americans have been lifted off food stamps.  The overall unemployment rate is in the basement at 3.5%, and the stock market has seen 120 all-time highs and 10,000 points in growth since the day of his election.  From November 2016 to October 2019, the unemployment rate dropped 1.3 points in Nevada, 1.9 points in New Mexico, 0.8 of a point in Minnesota, 0.2 points in New Hampshire, and 0.8 points in Maine.  And all of this economic success occurred before the true benefits kick in from the renegotiated trade deals with Mexico, Canada, South Korea, and Japan, as well as the strengthened economic bonds on the horizon with a post-Brexit U.K., potential breakthroughs with India, realignment with China, and long overdue pushback against the E.U.  While we are in the midst of the longest economic expansion in American history, there are a substantial number of indicators that suggest we have yet to experience the full effects of President Trump's pro–Main Street economic turnaround.  This next year, in fact, may be better than anything we've yet seen.  

Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Maine.  They are well within our reach, and each one of President Trump's accomplishments pushes us closer and closer.  So get the word out, and let's take the lot of 'em.  Let's add twenty-eight more electoral votes to President Trump's 2016 tally and give Nancy Pelosi the lemon she seems to be endlessly sucking.

This week, the United States House of Representatives chose to disenfranchise sixty-three million voters, and I can think of no better way to repay their thievery than by becoming seventy-three million strong by this time next year.

Before we remind them why there is a Second Amendment, let's do everything in our power to take advantage of the First.  Now is the time for voices to get louder.  Now is the moment to put actions to our words.  Now is the year that we prove we've been serious all along.  Next November 3 is the day we shove impeachment down their throats.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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