Adam Schiff's other impeachment target: Devin Nunes

Rep. Devin Nunes is the most effective dismantler of all the calculated "narratives" and pre-scripted attacks against President Trump.  He's the one who revealed how these things cranked into gear well before Trump was elected and which have now shifted to the Rep. Adam Schiff impeachment bid.  If something's going on, Nunes has a way of finding it.  If Democrats would like you to think the "whistleblower" report was just some spontaneous effort by some "concerned" public servant instead of a pre-co-ordinated bid to Get Trump, nobody takes these things down like Nunes.

So now that Schiff has sent his impeachment report to the House Judiciary Committee for action — Schiff, of course, knew what the outcome of that was going to be from the state — there's a lot of attention to Schiff's apparent use of phone records of Devin Nunes, as well as one of his aides, and reporter John Solomon, all as part of his case against Trump.

RedState's Elizabeth Vaughn reports it to be a very curious thing that Schiff seemed to be targeting his congressional rivals and even obtained his colleague's phone records.  Imagine a Republican doing that! 

John Hinderaker at Power Line has an excellent analysis of the bad smell of that.

But Scott Johnson, also of Power Line, the powerhouse writer who exposed Rep. Ilhan Omar's marriage to her brother and other appalling stuff, points out that it doesn't look as if the records were actually obtained illegally or through subpoena.  What happened was that he got the records off a subpoena of Giuliani's phone records, and those names turned up.

Issue over?  Not in the least.  Johnson notes that what really seems to be going on is this:

Schiff is a lout and a liar. This particular aspect of Schiff's efforts appears to have no purpose other than to smear and/or sideline Nunes, who has established himself as the Republicans' most valuable player in deconstructing Schiff shows past and present.

Why does he argue that?  Because the calls were utter nothingburgers on the timestamp, and two of the three look like butt dials.

The call logs in the endnotes include a few of Giuliani's calls with Nunes and with Solomon. Two calls from Parnas to Nunes are set forth in the log on page 157: one for 1:00, one for 0.02. There is one call from Nunes to Parnas, but the duration indicated is 0:00.

The only purpose of this insignificant news is to smear Nunes as a bad guy, as "complicit" in the entire argument against Trump.  No congressional collegiality there.  This is nothing but a slimeball who's worried about Devin Nunes exposing him.

Image credit: NBC News via shareable YouTube screen shot

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