Adam Schiff: Psychopath, or guilty conscience?

Fresh from his impeachment stunt, House Intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff comes off as an amazing creep in the aftermath.

Asked about the recent Horowitz report's findings on Carter Page, a young Trump advisor who was illegally spied upon, Schiff said he had no sympathy.

Here's the Fox News account:

In an interview clip released on Friday, "Firing Line" host Margaret Hoover read quotes from Page about how the Russia probe had such a negative impact, including how the FBI spying into his life "ruined his good name" and that he will "never completely have his name restored."

"I have to say, you know, Carter Page came before our committee and for hours of his testimony, denied things that we knew were true, later had to admit them during his testimony," Schiff responded. "It's hard to be sympathetic to someone who isn't honest with you when he comes and testifies under oath. It's also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who has admitted to being an adviser to the Kremlin."

Which is a doozy. What happened to Page was an outrage, an unmistakeably grave abuse of government power as mendacious FISA warrants were enacted to spy on innocent and cooperative person. Even people who dislike President Trump can pretty naturally recognize that Page's constitutional rights on unreasonable searches and seizures was violated.

Not Schiff, though. All he could emit was stone heartlessness for the man whose good name was ruined by abuses of government power, revealing an utter absence of empathy. At first glance, Schiff came off sounding like a psychopath.

But notice what he's saying: Page, see, is the bad guy. Schiff's not only showing an astonishing absence of empathy, he's attempting to twist the knife an extra time on the already wounded victim. And so much for all those impeachment pieties from Democrats about the sacredness of 'the Constitution.' Constitutions are only important if they're politically useful to a guy like this. For Schiff, it's more important to stick it to Page.

Which called to mind something Eric Hoffer once wrote, in his 1951 masterpiece, "The True Believer" about the nature of crazed fanatics:

The most effective way to silence our guilty conscience is to convince ourselves and others that those we have sinned against are indeed depraved creatures, deserving every punishment, even extermination. We cannot pity those we have wronged, nor can we be indifferent toward them. We must hate and persecute them or else leave the door open to self-contempt.

Boy, that fits Schiff to a tee. We already knew that Schiff was a fanatic of some kind. Turns out he's the most toxic kind of fanatic, the one who persecutes the people he has already victimized, his last statement a complete tissue of lies. Page never lied to this creep, the reality remains that Schiff connived first with other leftists on the Russian hoax and then on the Ukraine impeachment stunt. He's one of the injuring parties. His fanatic hate of Page is the poisonous hate of a fanatic.

And instead of being a psychopath, he's an unrepentant sinner with a guilty conscience, blaming the victims at every turn after harming them first.

If anything, that's at least as bad as psychopathology. Schiff is one sick creep who shouldn't be in Congress.



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