A warning to conservatives: Don't get complacent on impeachment

A march to ruin, a gang of Mafiosi has been unleashed on our great nation from the bowels of Capitol Hill.  This is a modern-day NKVD, a Moscow show trial of revolutionary zealots that would made Felix Dzerzhinsky proud.  This sham of a witch hunt is tailor-made for Hollywood, Adam Schiff playing Beria, CNN and the N.Y. Times playing Pravda.  Stalin just hasn't appeared on stage yet; fear that his time is coming. 

Now impeachment is upon us.  Anyone who claims with certainty that he knows exactly what the next few months will bring is fooling himself.  Yes, the Senate may acquit; those senators may just dismiss this hoax and spare us a trial.  But then what?  Does one really think the Democrats will fold up the tent and scurry away?  The forces unleased by this shredding of the Constitution are unknown to all, and for one to assume that this will easily lead to a Trump landslide and a Democrat massive defeat is delusional and clueless as to the motives and nature of the Left.

The damage being done is incalculable, and what this all could portend is beyond our worst nightmares.  The Democrats have shunned our forefathers, the bequeathing of liberty, all lost for their lust for power.  What lies beyond that power is nothing but darkness and death — the death of our Republic and so much more, all built on their Utopian fantasies.  The world's last best hope of freedom's light extinguished.  They are this close to achieving their ultimate goal.

Orwell had it right: the pigs will indeed walk on two feet, take over the House and party like gluttons in their dachas, while the masses will suffer slow, quiet lives of poverty-ridden desperation down on the farm.  The Left say we will be like Sweden, but only in their dreams.  Within twenty years, we will be Venezuela on steroids, a living hell of rationing, starvation, and torture.  It is always so.

This is the worst crisis America has ever faced — more than the Civil War, more than the American Revolution, dare I say.  The worst outcome of that struggle would have been that we remained colonies of the British Empire.  A colony of 18th- and 19th-century British rule would pale in comparison to what the leftist cabal of thugs of the new Democrat Party has in store for us.  Get the Gulags ready.

Say a prayer for Donald Trump, him who is flawed, imperfect, and loathed, but inexplicably the one and only thing that stands between a free America and the abyss.  Love or hate him, he is our modern-day Washington.  He has been sent to us; God's hand is on him.  The smart class will no doubt snicker at that thought, but God's ways are not of our understanding.

The hated Trump is the one man who stood for our cherished beliefs and values.  He has been ridiculed, mocked, and insulted, and, sadly, we see this even among many of our fellow conservatives.  Some remained NeverTrumps; others hide their disdain, straddling the fence, waiting for him to fail, staying quiet, fearful they will lose their Twitter followers and donors.

I have heard all the buts: but yes, the House has impeached him, but the Senate will not convict.  Perhaps, maybe.  Or maybe a gaggle of Republican senators will make that walk up Pennsylvania  Avenue just like in 1974, urging Nixon to resign, to save the country such grief.  As of today, that won't happen, but the Left isn't done.  The impeachment vote is just one step.

If the winds blow ill, can one really say with total certainty that a group led by McConnell, Sasse, Graham, and company won't bow to pressure and do the "honorable" thing in order to rid the nation of this travesty?  Can't happen, you say?  All I know is that to put our faith in the spines of the GOP members on the Hill is nothing but false hope.  Pray it ends well, but don't bet on it.  Just as with war, when this next act begins, no one knows the outcome.

The establishment of the GOP may just make the backroom deals and rationalize that this is their opportunity to take the party back from the usurper Trump.  We all know that loyalty in our Capitol lasts but a moment.  Of course, there is no going back; the Republicans of Romney, Ryan, and the rest being back in control will result in our ruin.  Maybe a slower slide, a prolonged death of the Republic, but the end comes, all the same.

Titanic shifts are ahead of us.  Will Trump survive?  Will the movement he has created be suffocated in its cradle, or will it allow for a rebirth of America, the awakening we so desperately need?  If Trump survives, we have a brief reprieve, though the Left's relentless pursuit of power will not slow, and the war against Trump will never cease.  The impeachment vote in the House is just the beginning.  We had better saddle up.

Michael Finch is the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His new book of poetry is Wanderings in Place.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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