A great week for Trump so far, and it's barely Wednesday

What an incredible week so far, and Wednesday is only just beginning.  Monday saw the release of the Horowitz report that completely demolished the Steele dossier and the upper echelon of the FBI.  Having done that, it left the entire Russian hoax in smoking ruins.  Then, Tuesday morning, we saw laughably grim-faced Pelosi and Nadler announce the articles of impeachment they hope to bring against the president.  The articles have about as much meat on them as year-old cow bones in Death Valley. Then we segue to Hershey Giant Arena for the president's rally last night.  It's a shame there is not an arena that holds 500,000 people, because he would fill it.  The place was packed with red hats and Trump signs. Watching President Trump speak to America, I couldn't help but think about the difference between our president and the Pelosicrats this morning.  President Trump spoke about a great...(Read Full Post)
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