Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race

Although it's far from a lead-pipe cinch, a plausible case is to be made that former first lady Michelle Obama may enter the Democratic primary race.  There are three reasons for believing this. First and most obvious is the current field of contenders for the Democrat nomination.  As has often been said, they resemble occupants in a clown car that tumble out together for their periodic debates.  The emotion that they instill in the general public is one of not enthusiasm, but fear.  The most seemingly stable among the Democrat field is former vice president Joe Biden.  But Slow Joe is terminally plagued with a cloud of corruption hanging over his head.  This cloud can only grow thicker as more information about Biden's corrupt dealings in China, Ukraine, and beyond come out.  Joe also shows early signs of dementia, which doesn't help his...(Read Full Post)
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