Why does this bad joke of an impeachment continue?

U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland testifies in kangaroo court Congress's impeachment hearing that he "presumed" a quid pro quo of American aid in return for an investigation of the Bidens' activities in Ukraine.  No one told him there was such a quid pro quo, and President Trump specifically told him there was none.

Sondland's testimony tidily sums up the entire case and all the animus against Donald Trump, going back to before his election: it's all based on presumption.  Schiff presumes that he could find the needle of quid in the haystack of pro quo.  The Deep State presumes that all its cocksure liars, traitors, sell-swords, and Strzoks can hamstring Trump's project of Making America Great Again.

Going back farther, there's Mueller's presumption that his murder of hate-Trump crows could find something to pin on the president.  Pelosi's presumption that she could push Trump around.  The media's presumption that it could hound Trump from office.  Hillary's presumption that she was entitled to the presidency thought tacky America was beneath her.  The Left's presumption that Trump is an illegitimate president just because they say so.

All this presumption derives from arrogance.  The Left has been so sure of its superiority that its minions sally forth into battle with incomplete preparation.  Leery of just inventing evidence from fear of their own side's self-seeking sellouts (somebody would rat them out), they have to rely on their show of self-assurance in making presumption appear reasonable.  You know: "any reasonable Deep Stater would presume blah blah."  So far, this approach has been woefully inadequate.  Rather than exposing the president as a shady dealer, they are instead exposing themselves as cocky blowhards with unwarrantedly high self-opinions who don't belong in their prestigious positions.

One desultorily wonders when this charade will finally peter out.  "Desultorily," because it's been so boring that no one I know has watched any of it.  Washington has been so wrapped around the impeachment axle that little else is getting done.  But that, too, is part of the Left's long-term strategy: turn off Americans so badly that they won't pay attention as the Left, in league with the Deep State, turns the government designed to defend our rights into the worst offender of them.

That's the only way to make any sense of the Idiot Left continuing this bad joke of a hearing.

Richard Jack Rail is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  Reach him at caktusjakk@gmail.com.

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