Where are the mutineers who will save the Democrat Party from Adam Schiff?

Watching Schiff's trumped up inquiry about nothing but a phone call, the transcript of which has been available to the public for many weeks, is like watching The Caine Mutiny (1954) without the drama.  The film is about a naval captain whose first officer relieves him of his command when the man demonstrates obvious signs of mental instability.  All that is missing from Schiff's on-air mental collapse are the little steel balls that Humphrey Bogart as Captain Queeg fiddled with while on the stand at the court-martial of the mutineers. Queeg was obsessed with missing strawberries.  Schiff's impending mental breakdown is demonstrably more obvious, less subtle than Queeg's.  He intends to see President Trump removed from office, no matter what.  His eyes seem to radiate his inner fury and rage.  He sits stone-faced while the smart people in the room destroy every bit of his carefully constructed...(Read Full Post)
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