Unable to take Tulsi Gabbard down, the NYT turns to attacking her white pantsuit

Unconventional Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who singlehandedly drove a stake through the heart of Kamala Harris's campaign, and who called Hillary Clinton "the embodiment of corruption" is not popular with the Democratic establishment. But they can't seem to do anything to get rid of her.  Gabbard was unfairly excluded from the September Democratic debate, despite meeting all its requirements, and from there, her support only grew bigger, making it impossible to deny her a podium at the November Democratic debate. She was there, and they can't get rid of her, but oh, do they want to.  So now the public relations arm of the Democratic Party, the New York Times, has taken to attacking her for her white pantsuit. This, in a way, makes sense because all the rest of us see in that pantsuit is that it makes her look like a million bucks.  Unlike Hillary Clinton,...(Read Full Post)
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