The obsessive, intolerant, despicable do-nothing-but-obstruct Democrats

Those of us who live outside the bubble that is leftism and its massive media megaphone that we cannot escape know perfectly well who the racists are; who the intolerant people are; and who has, for decades, been profoundly successful at destroying the fundamental values on which this nation was founded.  It is the leftists, those who demand that we all submit to the dictates of identity politics, those for whom skin color and/or sexual orientation is much more important than character or merit. It is the Left that has undone the tenets of Martin Luther King.  It is leftists who have branded any words they don't like as hate speech and destroyed higher education in America with trigger warnings and safe spaces.  Universities have infantilized college students for a couple of decades now.  Our pseudo-professorial class has indoctrinated its students and taught them nothing but intolerance for the slightest word of opposition to their...(Read Full Post)
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