The obsessive, intolerant, despicable do-nothing-but-obstruct Democrats

Those of us who live outside the bubble that is leftism and its massive media megaphone that we cannot escape know perfectly well who the racists are; who the intolerant people are; and who has, for decades, been profoundly successful at destroying the fundamental values on which this nation was founded.  It is the leftists, those who demand that we all submit to the dictates of identity politics, those for whom skin color and/or sexual orientation is much more important than character or merit.

It is the Left that has undone the tenets of Martin Luther King.  It is leftists who have branded any words they don't like as hate speech and destroyed higher education in America with trigger warnings and safe spaces.  Universities have infantilized college students for a couple of decades now.  Our pseudo-professorial class has indoctrinated its students and taught them nothing but intolerance for the slightest word of opposition to their prescribed, permitted speech with which they've been inculcated.

They have severely handicapped many thousands of young people.  Ask one of them who Mao was.  Stalin?  The Holocaust?  Socialism?  About America's founding?  They know nothing, by design, and what they think they know is so wrong.  But ask them about transgenderism, institutional racism, homosexuality, white privilege, etc.  They will wax rhapsodic with their infinite knowledge of those topics, each of which is relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of this once great nation. 

They've been taught to hate their own country, to be grateful for nothing.  They see no reason for Thanksgiving!  Despite its history of slavery, the Civil War to end it, the Democrats' institutionalization of Jim Crow, the Democrats' creation of the KKK, and the Democrats’ opposition to the Civil Rights laws of the 1960s, America is to this day the least racist nation on the planet.  For those who think this is an outrageous statement, visit other nations and see for yourself.

Still, we are tormented by the real racists like CNN's Ana Navarro, a fake Republican who hates President Trump.  As several legitimate polls of late reveal growing support for the president among black and Hispanic Americans, she tweeted: "Zero chance this is accurate. Zero. The poll must have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies" (presumably Diamond and Silk).  Whew!  Can we all imagine the media hysteria if an actual Republican had written those words?  He would be run out of town.  This is the rhetoric of all the leftist media types like Ana Navarro, who spew their venom all day long, every day, on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC.

These so-called analysts, ill educated "legal experts," hired-gun pollsters who promise to make any poll come out as their news outlet wants, are the scourge of the nation.  That is what pollsters do: manipulate and massage the questions to get the desired result for their client.  As proved in 2016, polls, for the most part, are meaningless.  They shape public opinion; they do not reflect it.  Now they hope to use their polling wiles again to impeach the president who has accomplished more than Obama did in eight years.  So it is easy to understand why Navarro would be so viciously angry when a poll does not comport with what she thinks are guaranteed, politically correct results.

And who on Earth ever suggested we should care about what film celebrities have to say about our national politics?  No one!  With the exception of Ronald Reagan, Jon Voight, Gary Sinise, Clint Eastwood, and a handful of others, they know nothing of value.  They are just privileged members of a cloistered club with one mind, one set of mandated political beliefs that will ensure their continued employment.  Consider the sheer moonbattery of Michael Moore, Robert De NiroJohn LegendRobert Redford, Jane Fonda, et al.  It is a safe bet that not one of them knows any more than our ignorant young people about American history.  Not one of them contributes anything but their entertainment value to this country.  They should be grateful for their success, their financial security, and the privilege to do work they love and keep their mouths shut off set.  We do not care what they think.  They will change no one's mind.  They only hope to keep and win fans by spouting their industry's party line.  Those who look to an entertainer for political wisdom should not be allowed to vote. 

The Left's obsession with impeachment is the worst travesty of American justice in our history.  From the surveillance campaign waged against candidate Trump in 2015 to their attempt to sabotage him, to frame him for colluding with Russia to win the election when in fact it was the DNC and the Clintons, bigwigs at the FBI, DOJ and CIA who had colluded with more than a few unsavory characters to bring down the President. As intolerant as Ana Navarro is of black support of Trump, those arrogant and corrupt agents of the deep state were and are equally as intolerant of President Trump simply because his is not one of them; he's not a member of their oh-so- exclusive club of like-minded power brokers like Joe Biden. We know for certain that Obama's VP threatened the Ukrainians with a quid pro quo. Trump did nothing of the kind. He gave Ukraine aid when Obama did not. All those so-called witnesses Schiff paraded in front of us knew nothing, had nothing but their own anti-Trump opinions and presumptions. Schiff has an exalted opinion of himself. He thinks Americans are very stupid and will not see what he is trying to do -- unseat a President more than half of the country loves because he is shaking up the place. 

With his silly secret, Stalinesque and then public overly-gaveled hearings, Schiff has made a complete, unmitigated fool of himself and his party. Beria would be proud. The Democrats are officially the party of rigid identity politics, racism, hate speech, the abrogation of the Constitution and an obsession to impeach the President. That is all they have dedicated their energy to for three years. They have done nothing but try to block every aspect of the Trump agenda for which he was elected: The wall which would protect Americans and USMCA, the Mexico/Canada/US trade agreement that would benefit workers in each country. They are officially the do-nothings: shameful, arrogant, intolerant, lying, despicable do-nothings who are doing nothing but harm to the United States. If they think voters do not see what the Democrat party is up to, they are sadly mistaken. Are there no more than the two Dems who voted against the inquiry who will stand up and yell STOP? You're killing us!

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