The journalistic compulsion to diss President Trump hits the Wall Street Journal editorial board

An otherwise excellent editorial titled "Iran's Nuclear Escalation," where the Wall Street Journal appropriately tell Europe to join Trump's maximum pressure campaign, ended with one of the most pathetic paragraphs I have seen in the WSJ.  The last paragraph starts as follows: One risk is that the mercurial Mr. Trump loses patience with his own strategy and tries to cut a deal favorable to Iran ahead of his re-election campaign[.] Did Trump cave to get back in the TPP deal to get votes and please the WSJ and other globalists? Did Trump cave and give in on the Paris Climate Accord to get votes and please journalists? Did Trump cave on the border wall and immigration to please the WSJ and other journalists? Trump learned from the master, Ronald Reagan, that the way to beat tyrants is to beat the heck out of them financially until they collapse.  Reagan was considered a dunce and dangerous by the media but beat the Soviet Union...(Read Full Post)
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