The Chicago teachers strike: A leftist victory

For those of you who live outside Illinois, consider me to be your canary in a coal mine, reporting from Chicago, a city formerly run by moderate Daley-type Democrats, but which now is being taken over by the Militant Woke Far-Left. What is happening in Chicago (and generally in Illinois) could happen to the nation if we allow the Democrats to take power in 2020.

The Chicago Teachers Union decided that an offer of a 16-24% pay raise for teachers who already were just about the most well-compensated in the country was not enough. That offer meant that the average salary for a teacher just five years out of college would increase to $100,000, all for only working only 40 weeks a year and receiving generous pension benefits when they retire as early as age 50. Instead of saying yes, the teachers decided to strike, causing great pain to students over the past two weeks. It appears that a deal has finally been reached, but only after the mayor caved to union demands that have nothing to do with improving schools, including this one, as reported by the Chicago Tribune:

"The agreement would also provide the development of a training program to help staff 'appropriately respond' to agents from [ICE] if they seek to enter a school. [T]he Board of education would allocate up to $200,000 per school year to assist CPS employees in planning for and navigating immigration issues. The agreement would also grant employees up to 10 unpaid working days 'to attend to immigration or citizenship status matters.'" 

I know many independent and moderate voters are disenchanted with the Republican Party, and in some cases with good reason. But please understand that the Far-Left Woke Progressives are increasingly taking over the Democrat Party. I ask that you consider factoring that in as you decide how to vote in 2020.

Josh Kantrow is a Republican and pro-Israel activist and a cybersecurity lawyer who lives in Chicago

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