Test-marketing a new impeachment narrative: 'Luck' prevented a quid pro quo

In the fever swamp of impeachment frenzy, absence of evidence can be explained away with the help of friends.  The awkward fact that aid to Ukraine was flowing before any official statements were made about Ukraine investigating Democrats discredits the central claim of the impeachers: that the Trump administration was blackmailing President Zelensky into "investigating a political rival" and holding up vital military aid to force it. But why let facts get in the way? The New York Times comes up with a counter-narrative: that only "luck" prevented the proof from emerging.  Seriously.  That's the argument.  Here's the headline: "Ukraine's Zelensky Bowed to Trump's Demands, Until Luck Spared Him" Source. You can trust this "news" because it is based on multiple sources, none of whom has a name "fit to print." [I]nterviews in Kiev with government officials,...(Read Full Post)
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