Terrorist in London knife attack had been lecturing woke university leftists all about criminal justice 'reform'

Friday's London Bridge terror attack by a fanatic Islamist with knives — and not the first one on that bridge — was a case study in all kinds of things that have gone wrong as blue-city politics and leftist reform agendas take over. Who let this beast into the country at all? Why, even after one terror attack attempt, was he let out of the can on parole, with only an ankle bracelet to monitor him?  It was obviously a waste of time. Why was he not booted back to his hellhole of origin, first plane out? Why were the cops, whom everyone's supposed to rely on in lieu of guns, not around? Why did it take bystanders, one "armed" with a whale tusk taken from a decorative display on a chowhouse wall, and another wielding a fire extinguisher, to knock the beast down? Why don't bystanders in London have access to guns? So many things wrong with this picture just to start. The worst,...(Read Full Post)
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