Scrub-a-dub-dub: Did the whistleblower scrub his social media footprint before filing his complaint?

RealClearInvestigations writer Paul Sperry, who exposed the anti-Trump impeachment whistleblower as one Eric Ciaramella, has found something else interesting about the man.

He did a pre-scrub of his social media footprint, quite possibly anticipating that he might just get famous.

Sperry points out that it roughly parallels what was seen in the social media presence of anti–Judge Brett Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.  Chesa Boudin, as I noted here, seems to have done the same thing.

Lefy ideas stink.  Hence the planning. The coordinating.  The gettiing ready for the big bomb to go off and protecting oneself from fallout.

These things take time and organization.  They also signal that far-left radicals know that their internet past stinks.  They're loaded with things that would discredit them if they were found out — things such as talk of violence, talk of Trump-hate, and crazy socialist dictator–worship.  They want to portray themselves as Little Miss Muffets, so scrub-a-dub-dub...

One wonders if Congress is ever going to get a chance to ask young Eric why those social media posts disappeared and who told him to do it.

One suspects that the answer would be interesting.  One also notes that suddenly, Ciaramella doesn't want to testify to Congress.

Maybe that's because the plotting and planning with Democrats such as House Intelligence Committee chairman and chief prosecutor Adam Schiff and his crew would be hard to hide with a record like this.

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