Recognizing America

Pete Buttigieg says we won't recognize America if Trump is re-elected.

"This country cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump," he said.  "We will not recognize it if he gets reelected."

Gee, Pete, America's already unrecognizable because of Trump.  All those long lines at the unemployment office, the food stamp lines at the grocery store, the emergency rooms jam-packed with illegals waiting for free medical care — that sort of thing has almost vanished since Donald got in.

What will set America off on the road to civil war is Democrats once again stealing an election, as Kennedy did in 1960.  Our choice is clear: the Obama road or the Trump road.  America has graphically seen the difference.  Under Obama, we had to get used to new normals of low GDP, low employment, high unemployment, wide open borders, etc.  With Trump, we've seen that none of that is necessary, that the right policies unleash the economy and put everybody to work.  Simply stated: Obama and his people lied to us about the world and about America.  Trump has told us the truth and has acted on it, and the results are unequivocally positive.

There's also the fact that Trump has teased the Ugly Left out of its shy, retiring shell to reveal a repellent, vicious alien we had thought human.  It's hard to believe anybody not adjudged insane could be so nasty, so brimful of burning hatred.  How do people get this way?  What about life in these United States is so awful that anybody could truly hate it?  It makes no sense unless we invoke the biblical Adversary.

Fear not.  Hate not.  Their time is coming.

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