Promise kept: Trump gets us the heck out of that expensive Paris climate accord

Global warming is garbage. But that hasn't stopped the cottage industries from sprouting up, making money and propagating proven junk science.  And the Left, in its hysteria, continues to scream. The worst of it is the Paris Climate Accord, something young Greta Thunberg's moneyed sponsors are raring to make a killing on.  That's the European Union–style agreement that demands that the U.S. cut the carbon emissions and kingpin polluting countries such as China take the money. Irony of ironies, the U.S. has met all its Paris climate quotas based on the miracle of fracking.  The sanctimonious European nations who run this Paris show have not.  Not seeing cause and effect, nations such as Germany got rid of their low-emission nuclear power and opted to buy from Vladimir Putin, hoping no one would notice.  Trump promised to get us out of that whole scam — and now it has begun.  Promise...(Read Full Post)
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