New York Times can't bring itself to admit that African Americans are wary of supporting a homosexual presidential candidate like Pete Buttigieg

The New York Times is trying to explain the almost total lack of black support for Peter Buttigieg without a mention of his homosexuality.  The Times beclowns itself today with a long article titled, "Pete Buttigieg Is Struggling with Black Democrats. Here's Why," that doesn't even mention widespread negative attitudes among African-Americans toward homosexual behavior.  The only mention of sexuality at all comes 40 paragraphs into a 41-paragraph story, when the article notes: And Mark Barbee, the first black mayor of Bridgeport, Pa., is, like Mr. Buttigieg, an openly gay millennial mayor. He endorsed Mr. Buttigieg in September and said the 2020 campaign was too unpredictable to write off Mr. Buttigieg's ability to win over black voters. That's it — the only reference to Buttigieg's sexuality. Buttigieg has made no secret at all of his sexual preference, even kissing Chasten, to whom he is legally...(Read Full Post)
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