My simple Happy Birthday

While we cannot prevent the passage of time, we can contribute to the quality of our aging. Every day, I go for a walk, do 20 pullups, hang upside down in my Teeter machine and ride my stationary bike for an hour. I pretty much maintain a low carbs diet, free of processed sugar. With age I have developed a greater recognition of blessings and gratitude for things I took for granted when I was younger.

I told my wife Mary that my greatest birthday gift was spending another day with her. That may sound corny, but it is true. A year ago, Mary suddenly became extremely ill. Suddenly, I was faced with the terrifying thought of life without my awesome bride of 43 years. So yes, every day with Mary is a great day.

I enjoyed my beautiful adult daughter's phone call to wish me Happy Birthday.

Mary and I enjoyed my birthday lunch at a Chinese buffet. After lunch, Mary shopped at Big Lots. Very little excites her more than 70% off. I waited in the car listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. Arrogant serial liar Adam Schiff is leading the Democrats' evil scamming of the American people. Schiff is using lies and bogus charges to impeach our president for implementing his America First agenda. To Democrats, Trump putting America's best interest first is as repulsive as showing Dracula the cross.

When I am not traveling the country campaigning to elect conservatives or writing, I find it relaxing to work on creative projects at home. After Mary finally came out of Big Lots, we went to a big-box hardware store whose owner supports Trump. I purchased lumber for me to finish building a backyard deck. I even purchased a new 20-foot heavy-duty extension cord. Yes, I was excited about wood and an extension cord.

Special thanks to my many wonderful friends who wished me a Happy Birthday. It was a great simple day! Praise God!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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