MSNBC Dem debate moderators pushed impeachment and hard left policies

The Democrats might want to rethink their choice of presidential debate sponsors.  Last night's debate on MSNBC featured moderators pushing far-left issues that may please the base but drive away the centrist voters who hold the balance of power. Rachel Maddow, the cable channel's biggest star, repeatedly brought up impeachment, an issue that has little appeal beyond the fever swamps, one that the candidates have not been enthusiastic about pushing. Grabien has put together a compilation video of the far-left tenor of many of the questions.   Partial transcript of Maddow's questions via Grabien: "Sen. Warren, you have said already that you've seen enough to convict the president and remove him from office," Maddow said. "You and four of your colleagues on this stage tonight who are also U.S. senators may soon have to take that vote. Will you try to convince your Republican colleagues in the Senate to vote the same...(Read Full Post)
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