MSM scrambling to minimize importance of Horowitz Report criminal referral of FBI lawyer

The former FBI lawyer, whose doctoring of evidence submitted to the FISA Court resulted in a criminal referral by the DOJ inspector general, has now been identified by the New York Times as Kevin Clinesmith.  That paper, like CNN, which broke the story, pretends he is a lowly functionary, barely worthy of attention: Investigators for the inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, uncovered errors and omissions in documents related to the wiretapping of a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page — including that a low-level lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, altered an email that officials used to prepare to seek court approval to renew the wiretap, the people said. Just clerical errors — "errors and omissions" — you see.  Nothing to get upset about. One of those calling BS is Sean Davis of The Federalist, referencing the initial excuses offered for the IRS targeting of conservative groups: The Russia Hoaxers have apparently...(Read Full Post)
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