Mr. Schiff, look south of the border for a real problem

Prior to writing this post, I contacted a journalist friend in Mexico.

We exchanged some details about the Patriots vs. Cowboys game.  My friend is a Cowboys fanatic and wants Coach Garrett fired.

After that, we spoke about violence in Mexico.  He said: "Así es," or "that's the way it is."

People are really worried south of the border, and it's not about President Trump calling people names for crossing the border.

John Daniel Davidson summarized the situation perfectly:

Two important and interrelated news stories largely passed under the radar Wednesday as the House impeachment hearings continued to dominate the headlines. 

Both stories concern the deteriorating state of affairs in Mexico and have huge implications for immigration, the southwest border, and U.S. national security.

It's a shame more Americans aren't paying attention.

And especially the one about cartels trying to take over Mexican industries.

OK, why does it matter that cartels are throwing farmers off the land and planting avocados?  Or that homicides are happening at record levels?

First, we have a long border with Mexico.  Imagine that criminal elements are shooting every day next door.  Wouldn't you worry?

Second, President Lopez-Obrador is turning out to be a very weak leader.  He seems more interested in being the darling of the Left than worrying about crime in Mexico.

President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López-Obrador (source).

Third, the Mexican economy slowed in 2019.  This is strange because the U.S. and Mexican economies usually fly in the same direction.  Are investors concerned?  It's the only logical explanation.

And last but not least, the violence could drive more people north seeking asylum.

Why didn't MSNBC ask a single question about Mexico last week?  I won't speculate, but the crisis south of the border will be around for a while. 

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