Many journalists would rather have the economy collapse than have a Republican in the White House

It is time for journalists to do their job and tell the public, especially the young, the devastation that electing Democrats and imposing their policies on the American people would cause.  Everything the Democrats are proposing relating to the economy involves imposing major tax increases and substantial increases in regulations.  Every policy involves transferring massive amounts of money, power, and freedom from businesses and the people to the wealthy politicians and bureaucrats in D.C. who produce nothing. If they get elected and get three of their proposals enacted, the economic collapse will be greater than anything we have ever seen. The first disastrous policy would be Medicare for all.  Millions of jobs would be lost, and trillions of stock, bond, and real estate values would be lost, harming 100% of us.  When Elizabeth Warren was asked about the millions of jobs that would be lost, she gave one of the most idiotic answers...(Read Full Post)
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