Left tries to debunk reality of criminals in DACA, but hard new facts tell a scary story

The left is going into full open-borders mode now, arguing that any illegal with a DACA pass to prevent deportation is a sweet little daisy. The craziness started in response to this tweet by President Trump who noted that DACA was loaded with hardened criminals.

"We rate Trump's claim False," sniffed Politifact, always ignoring the actual facts in favor of its own politicized ones.

Now it comes to light that the leftist spin-blather was much worse than anyone imagined.

According to newly released data from the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service, there are tens of thousands of thugs and criminals among the DACA recipient pool and worse still, there's not a thing the government can do to get rid of them.

WASHINGTON—Today, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) updated data  (PDF, 756 KB) on arrests and apprehensions of illegal aliens who requested Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  

The release of this report reflects the agency’s ongoing focus on transparency. The report provides updated information on known arrests and apprehensions of DACA requestors. The data may include arrests that did not result in convictions or where the charges were dropped or otherwise dismissed. 

Among the findings of the release are the following:  

  • Nearly 110,000 DACA requestors out of nearly 889,000 (12%) had arrest records. Offenses in these arrest records include assault, battery, rape, murder and driving under the influence. 
  • Of approved DACA requestors with an arrest, 85% (67,861) of them were arrested or apprehended before their most recent DACA approval.
  • Of approved DACA requestors with an arrest, more than 31% (24,898) of them had more than one arrest.  
  • Of all DACA requestors, 218 had more than 10 arrests. Of those, 54 had a DACA case status of “approved” as of October 2019. 

“As DACA continues to be the subject of both public discourse and ongoing litigation, USCIS remains committed to ensuring transparency and that the American people are informed about those receiving DACA,” said USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli. “This agency is obligated to continue accepting DACA requests from illegal aliens as a direct result of the previous administration’s decision to circumvent the laws as passed by Congress. We hope this data provides a better sense of the reality of those granted the privilege of a temporary deferral of removal action and work authorization under DACA.”   

Under current DACA guidelines, illegal aliens may be considered for DACA if they have not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, or three or more “non-significant” misdemeanors not arising out of the same act, omission or scheme of misconduct, and they do not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety. The number of arrests illegal aliens have do not necessarily disqualify them from receiving DACA as a matter of discretion.   

Some 218 of these creeps had ten or more arrests? And if they were operating in a city like San Francisco, where "quality of life" crimes such as peeing in doorways or spraying graffiti on someone's siding are not prosecuted, you can bet that those arrests would have brought convictions otherwise that were so desperately deserved. We also know that if they had committed these crimes and got put before a leftist judge, and told the leftist that any conviction would have affected their DACA status, they also got off scot-free. Leftist judges have been excusing these criminals from day one. Politifact makes a big deal about arrests that never led to convictions but we all know how these blue cities work.

And the stats are really bad actually.

Twelve percent of these people had arrest records? Of stuff like assault, rape, murder, and drunk driving? How much of the general population has arrest records like that? Statistics differ, but a Google search shows it's generally nowhere near that high and it certainly wouldn't include crimes like the ones the DACA kids bear. For the U.S. population, it's closer to the 10% range at most and that 10% would include the nation's abundant illegal immigrants who aren't DACA recipients, whom we know, already are overrepesented in U.S. jails and prisons.

And some 10,000 of them had arrest records that came after their DACA approvals? One can infer that from the before-DACA and after-DACA arrest records. Obviously, some of these creeps have taken the DACA approval itself as a license to go on a crime spree.

It's bad out there, and it lays out well why DACA, an Obama-era executive order that was signed by President Obama after assorted amnesties failed in Congress, and solely for the purpose of winning the Latino vote in 2012, really needs to be thrown out. It's a shelter for criminals who would never been allowed into the U.S. were they to apply to get in legally. There may be a case for allowing some children of illegals into the country, but DACA is exceptionally ineffective at sorting out the good kids from the disgusting criminals and for that the whole thing needs to be thrown out.

It just shows why the Supreme Court should rule to end that program now.



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