Latin loving quid-pro-quo lefties need to be fair to Trump

Our founding fathers were well versed in Latin.  In fact, Latin phrases and mottoes adorn our national treasures and pepper our corpus of political discourse and jurisprudence.  Today, one stands out above all as the Dems, desperate to usurp the upcoming presidential election, embark on an impeachment coup: quid pro quo. 

When considering the apparatus of our government, the founders favored a distribution of power similar to that of the Roman Republic.  Benjamin Franklin captured their admiration of the early republic's virtue and its representative nature when responding to a question about what the constitutional delegates had crafted:  "A republic, if you can keep it." 

Distressingly, the Dems don't want to keep it.  They seem more intent on a consolidation of power in keeping with Caesar and subsequent dictators in the Roman Empire.  They should be careful what they wish for, because mali principia malus finis (bad beginnings have bad endings).  Unfortunately, their demagoguery is more reminiscent of the sinister machinations of tyrants like Caesar, and his heir Octavian, than the elected representatives of the earlier republic.

The pre-eminent Dem co-conspirator is pencil-neck himself, shifty Schiff is simply non compos mentis (not in control of his faculties) as he rigs secret impeachment interviews and selectively leaks the content.  His shifty eyes are the mirror to his dark soul.  In his despotic inquisition, the result (overturning an election) justifies the deed — exitus acta probat.  He and his co-conspirators would squander our American birthright to satisfy their lust for power.

The Dem-controlled House, rather than represent the vox populi, spews the vox nihili (meaningless statements) of their demented base.  Anyone free of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and with an ounce of sensum communem, can see they've predetermined Trump's guilt, even though there was no quo for the quid.  Even though Ukrainian officials said they felt no pressure — even though military aid for Ukraine went through while Dems previously offered MREs. 

Following their collusion delusion, and manufacturing charges based on obstruction of Mueller's probe, they are now engaged in their third attempt to impeach our duly elected president.  They have issued more subpoenas than laws, and they just keep concocting charges ad seriatim — one after another...after another.  Their surreptitious intentions are clearly mala fide, but Trump's bona fide presidential prerogative is to rout corruption and cajole foreign partners who seek our assistance.  Blimey (there's not Latin equivalent for that), when finagling lend-lease during WWII, FDR made Sir Winston Churchill commit to relinquishing some imperial holdings.  Now, that was some serious quo, and it cost quite a few quid.

The ravages of time have not been kind to nasty Nancy, another misguided co-conspirator.  Not only her visage, but also her mind seems decrepit and warped.  As recently as March, she insisted that impeachment needs to be a bipartisan endeavor.  Trump is "not worth it," she spouted; he's de minimis compared to the overarching unity and vitality of our republic.  Suddenly, espousing principles like E Pluribus Unum is incongruous coming from a mentally deranged Democrat whose modus operandi is divide et impera.  Her sudden assumption as defender of our "democracy" is ad absurdum; her demeanor is demonic.

Ultimately, the impeachment coup is falsis principiis proficisci (set forth from false principles).  Naturally, CIA misinformation tactics come to mind.  Indeed, underpinning the conspirators' treason is the Deep State, whose existence is indisputable after ex–acting CIA director John McLaughlin thanked God for it.  Their quest is nothing less than an imperium in imperio (state within a state) and is riddled with Obama holdovers who thrive in the swamp.

Elections loom.  Rather than squandering our American birthright by obliging tyrannical leftist mobs who trample due process, let's dare to keep our republic.  Let's honor what Franklin, and the rest of our truly heroic and brilliant founders, bequeathed.   Let's give the Dem candidates a chance to circulate their curriculum vitae.  If President Trump is to be removed from office, let it be wrought at the ballot box, not in the dark and dank corridors in the bowels of the Capitol.  Let there be light, or fiat lux, if you please.

President Trump may not be above the law, but neither is he under it.  Indeed, patrician and plebian alike are entitled to be covered by justitia omnibus.  As Caesar said when leading his army across the Rubicon, alea iacta est — the die is cast.  Bring on the election.

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