Jeff Sessions announces his candidacy for Alabama Senate race on Tucker Carlson’s show

Former senator and attorney general Jeff Sessions wants back the Senate seat he vacated to take office as the attorney general, only to recuse himself from deciding on the appointment of a special counsel and thereby endure severe criticism from President Trump.  He announced his decision to run last night on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program. Fox News has been limiting YouTube videos of their programs (as they did in this item posted earlier today), but for the moment, the segment is still available:

The segment screens Sessions's first television commercial, which is also viewable in a Twitter video from his personal account:

So does Sessions have a chance to reclaim the seat that was allowed to slip into Democrat hands with Doug Jones, when Judge Roy Moore (who is running again) proved unpalatable to a majority of Alabamians?  While I am far from familiar with Alabama's electorate, I think the themes he enunciates will have enough appeal to bring him victory.  He is showing the forgiveness of a saint by pledging his loyalty to Trump's policies, ignoring the very unkind things said about him.  He stresses that honor is why he recused himself, a theme that ought to resonate deeply in the South.

The fact is that Sessions was a very popular senator before and has the stature to defeat Moore in the primary if he can overcome the taint of his tenure as A.G.  My guess is that with the approach he is taking, that will work for him.

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