Is impeachment all about the SCOTUS?

The Democrats continue to embarrass themselves in their effort to remove President Trump from office.  Adam Schiff, the face of their crusade, is an incompetent fool who never learned the first rule of holes.  He keeps digging.  He interrogates his chosen witnesses in secret, refuses to let the Republicans ask certain questions, and orders the witnesses not to answer questions he does not like.

For the public hearings, he is allowing the Republicans no witnesses and ordered them not to even bring up the so-called whistleblower.  To do so would of course implicate Schiff himself and his underhanded, illegal manipulation of the process to jump-start this nonsensical inquiry over a phone call during which there was nothing inappropriate said by President Trump or President Zelensky.  Schiff knows this but assumes that the rest of us are ignorant boobs incapable of noticing his abject misdirection, lunacy, and malignity.

It is a safe bet that many of his Democrat colleagues in the House are disgusted by his tactics but are too spineless to object.  If they are not offended by what Schiff is doing, they all need to go, for that would mean they all hope to ignore or at least abrogate the Constitution.

Cartoon by Andrew Thomas of Dark Angel Politics.

Laura Ingraham, on the mark as always, had this to say: "This is impeachment by emotion, inference and third hand accounts."  She went on to say about the comically obtuse Eric Swalwell that "[i]f this is a clown wedding, he's the maid of honor."  Indeed.  The man still claims that Mueller proved Russia collusion; apparently, he does not read the news.  Swalwell is Laurel to Schiff's Hardy.  They should go on the road.

The question remains: why on Earth are they doing this?  It is blowing up in their faces.  Schiff's witnesses are, for the most part, exonerating President Trump.  Schiff just releases the carefully edited excerpts of the transcripts that Schiff thinks make his case.  Lt. Col. Vindman is a nasty, bureaucratic partisan who stated that his allegiance is to his "Inter-Agencies," not the country, not his commander-in-chief.  The others either simply presume and admit they know nothing or outright expose themselves as naked partisans.

The public will not fall for Schiff's orchestrated hit job in the obvious style of Lavrentiy Beria: "Show me the man and I'll find you the crime."  That is precisely what Schiff is doing: searching desperately for a crime where none exists.  But why?  Why make such a fool of himself?  Why would Pelosi not put a stop to this nonsense?  Could it be the Left's fear of Trump selecting the next justice of the Supreme Court?  Perhaps.

What is the most important issue for the Left?  Unrestricted abortion, under any and all circumstances, even after birth.  All other issues are secondary to them.  They want open borders, no voter ID, Venezuela-style socialism, and a massive welfare state that allows the government to control the population.  They embrace the man-made climate change nonsense.  But nothing is as precious to the Left as free access to abortion.  They do not believe in the sanctity of life, even for a baby born alive.

They fear that Roe may be overturned if Trump chooses another Supreme Court justice.  That may be what the current impeachment absurdity is all about.  Planned Parenthood performs about 350K abortions a year.  It is the company's bread and butter, along with selling the body parts and organs of the aborted fetuses.  They are not about to let anything interfere with their gravy train.  PP funnels many, many millions of dollars into supporters of their cause in Congress.  They will go to the mat to prevent a pro-life justice from being confirmed to the SCOTUS.

This just may be what is behind the Democrats' last-ditch plan to unseat President Trump: the continued free access to the elimination of unwanted human lives.  Could it be?  Yes, it could.  They hate President Trump because he is the better man, the more decent person than they are, and they know that his supporters know it.  We all wish Ruth Bader Ginsburg an even longer life in good health, but the Democrats always plan ahead.

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