In trade relations, China is now effectively eating its seed corn

The CIA famously failed to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. But in 1976, a French historian by the name of Emmanuel Todd did predict that collapse, based on his analysis of rising infant mortality rates, which betrayed the reality of a fundamentally sick and failing system. Thus, it is possible to divine great events from scraps and fragments of information.   For spies, and for people who trade with China, the big question of the moment is: “When will China attack?” And how can we tell when it's about to happen?  For decades China has announced an intention to start attacking Taiwan and killing a lot of Taiwanese in the process. There is no need to discuss their motives. As a lot of Americans will also die as a consequence of China’s attack, anybody trading with China is trading with the enemy. We had given these people an effective waiver because the trading was supposed to reform China from wanting to...(Read Full Post)
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