In a huge, shocking story, a career diplomat was fired

Most of the media are giving huge coverage that a seemingly blameless career diplomat was fired by an evil president.  Her thoughts on foreign policy should never be questioned.  I think it would be fantastic if every time a career diplomat was fired for disagreeing with a president, we have impeachment hearings, since so far, the only thing we have seen is disagreements on policies, not any evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors. Did Obama ever fire anyone Bush appointed?  Where were the congressional hearings and media coverage? I almost teared up when I read the paragraph in the following AP article that "the emotion behind her nine hours of testimony was evident," and she was worried about her pension and her job.  I thought a diplomat was supposed to be worried about what is good for the American people.  Maybe we should take up a collection for her. Somehow, during the Obama/Biden/Hillary/Kerry...(Read Full Post)
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