Huge illicit drivers license haul in Kentucky suggests a very established cartel operation

Someone just made it cheaper, easier and more lucrative to be an illegal alien in Louisville, Kentucky, and likely areas beyond. Here's the WKYT report: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents from the Chicago Field Office intercepted a parcel in Louisville that contained hundreds of fake driver’s licenses. A tweet by the CPB Chicago states the fraudulent ID’s were found at the Louisville mail facility. In all, the package contained 238 fake driver’s licenses and 536 black card stocks. The documents were turned over to CBP Fraudulent Document Analysis for further investigation. No information on potential suspects has been released. After all, if you're here illegally, a drivers license can make it a heckuva lot easier to get a good paying job instead of a bad one. It can make you more money, taking that job away from some America and pocketing the difference, prompting you to tell everyone back home that the livin's easy. And it seems...(Read Full Post)
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